Blockchain Tech: Justin Sun Fights Poverty with Financial Inclusion

• Justin Sun, the crypto executive behind popular digital asset firm Tron, believes blockchain technology can help reduce global poverty.
• He says blockchain does not discriminate based on credit history or employment status and provides a great solution with zero cost to people in parts of Africa who lack access to financial services.
• Justin Sun also believes stablecoins are important outside the US for those who cannot gain access to cash or fiat currencies.

Justin Sun on Blockchain’s Impact on Poverty

In a recent interview, Justin Sun – the crypto executive behind popular digital asset firm Tron – said he’s very confident blockchain technology can ensure global poverty is relieved in the coming years. He commented that blockchain will eventually be needed by mankind the way standard banks are, and that its financial protocols will play a big role in keeping global poverty to a minimum.

Blockchain Doesn’t Cut People Out

Sun stated that unlike traditional banks, blockchain does not discriminate against people based on their credit history or employment status. All you need is an internet connection to transact with it, and it doesn’t come with high costs like other financial services do. He mentioned this especially applies to countries like Africa where there is no easy way for people to store value due to lack of banking access.

Stablecoins Are Important Outside The US

Justin Sun also noted that stablecoins have major use cases outside of the US as they can provide those who cannot gain access to cash or fiat currencies with an alternative form of currency storage and payment processing. His company’s transaction volume has grown significantly over time as well which demonstrates its potential success in helping individuals across the globe gain more financial freedom and stability.

Tron Becoming An Important Financial Service

Sun believes blockchain will become an important part of national infrastructure just like gas or water are now and everyone should be able to use it without high costs associated with it every day. He thinks Tron will do great things for the world financially as accounts can be opened on its platform at no charge so anyone from anywhere has access to these services regardless of their economic statuses.


Overall, Justin Sun sees immense potential for blockchain technology when it comes reducing global poverty levels since it provides an efficient yet low-cost way for individuals all around the world to get access financial services they may otherwise not be able to enjoy due its discrimination policies and lack of banking availability in certain regions of the world. Stablecoins also have major implications outside of America by providing citizens with another form of currency storage and payment processing options which further adds value within this revolutionary industry sector overall