Nvidia Says Crypto Has No Place in Society: Is AI the Future?

• Nvidia, a graphics card manufacturer, has recently stated that crypto has no purpose in society.
• The company’s chief technology officer Michael Kagan suggests using their graphics cards for other applications like AI-based technologies.
• Nvidia was once heavily tied to digital currency as many of their products were sold to miners.

Nvidia’s Stance on Cryptocurrency

Despite a relatively broad history with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has come out to say that crypto has no purpose in society. In a recent interview, the company’s chief technology officer Micheal Kagan commented that the graphics cards Nvidia creates should be utilized for activities other than simply mining crypto, such as powering AI-based technologies like Chat GPT.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is getting a lot of traction as of late given it’s an application that will pretty much write whatever you need it to, from a blog post to a speech, as in the case of a recent one produced for Joe Biden. Apparently the President’s brain is melting so badly he can’t even take the time to write his own speech; he needs a machine to do it for him. Kagan is confident in the technology and he thinks the company’s graphics cards will be put to greater use should they be utilized to power said applications instead of extracting new units of crypto from the blockchain.

History with Digital Currency

The funny thing about this entire situation is the fact that Nvidia has been used heavily over the years specifically for mining purposes. So many of the firm’s products were sold to miners that the company wound up getting into trouble with some fanatics who felt they had been taken advantage of by Nvidia when stock prices tanked after people stopped buying their products for mining purposes only.


In conclusion, while it seems clear that Nvidia does not have any faith in cryptocurrency or its benefits within society at large, they are looking into ways of utilizing their products for more productive tasks such as powering artificial intelligence applications like Chat GPT which could benefit everyone greatly and make life easier all around!


Nvidia doesn’t believe cryptocurrency brings anything useful for society but believes its graphics cards would be better used on AI-based technologies such as Chat GPT; however, Nvidia was previously heavily involved in mining cryptocurrency due to its demand in parallel processing capabilities.